Patient Rights

Patients of the Santa Barbara Pulmonary Consultants have the right to expect certain standards of care and consideration.

Respect and Dignity

All patients have the right to:
    »    considerate, respectful care at all times.
    »   express religious or cultural concerns related to treatment.
    »   present a complaint and know that it will not affect the care provided.
    »   be examined in private surroundings.
    »   request that a member of the same sex be present during an examination.
    »   ask their doctor or staff questions regarding their illness, condition or treatment.
    »   ask their doctor or staff why a procedure is being recommended and what are the probable results and risks.
    »   refuse treatment.
    »   ask their doctor or staff about medical alternatives.
    »   examine and receive an explanation of their medical bill, regardless of how payment is made.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All patients have the right to:

    »   expect that their medical records will remain confidential.
    »   authorize a release of information (e.g., to a family physician).
    »   have their medical record read only by individuals directly involved in their treatment or monitoring for the quality of their care; by the billing department and by other individuals only with the patient's written authorization or that of a legally authorized representative.
    »   expect all communications and other records pertaining to their care, including the source of payment for treatment, to be treated as confidential.

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